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We aim to be a lighthouse of creative glory, breaking traditional boxes of expression and paradigms of what the local and the global church is to be, setting a new and holy precedent of the Ekklessia, preparing the world-wide Church to be the End Times army of the Lord and ultimately be the very prayer, desire, and longing of Jesus Christ.


Open Heavens World greatly values a genuine Biblical Acts community, carrying the Kingdom culture and language of honor, excellency, and integrity, believing to build a generational wineskin in covenant and in family relationships. This will not only usher in the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, but will also result in greater change and transformation of every sphere of society, from Los Angeles and southern California, to the surrounding regions, and to the ends of the earth and beyond.


- We believe that the Bible is God's complete, inerrant Word of God. The Bible is our foundational basis for all of our Christian doctrine.

- We believe in a culture of honor. We choose to honor each individual and the Holy Spirit above all.

- We believe in choosing to be a Biblically based, Acts community. A people who are sold out in Kingdom living, in true unity and in a true Spirit of revival.

- We believe in the generational blessings of connection and accountability. It is our high value to honor the fathers and mothers of our faith, and to be accountable to our elders and to other trusted leaders in the faith and community.

- We believe in the necessity of our missional efforts, in outreach, good works, and proclamation of the Gospel, both locally and internationally.

- We believe that the local Church is the greatest force of God's good here in the community. - We believe in the voice of the Prophets, the five-fold ministry and in the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit.

- We believe in fostering a culture of safety and freedom in the Holy Spirit. The Law of Moses is done away with, so we are therefore free to worship the Lord in holiness, in Spirit and in truth.

- We believe in the power of divine healing and signs, wonders, and miracles simply because God is good and that is who He is.

- We believe that God is the Triune-head, the three in one. There is only one God, however He is displayed throughout the Scriptures as God the Father, God the Son, the Messiah, and God the Holy Spirit.

- We believe in the Spirit of generosity. We live generously in love and we give generously with our time, tithes, offerings, and energy. We are a generous people.

- We believe in living in creativity with our gifts, talents, and resources. We believe that every single gift which the Lord's entrusted us with is for the furthering of the Gospel, in producing creative ways of displaying the character of God's nature.

- We believe that Jesus Christ is coming back again in His eminent return, in His Second Coming. Until that day, we will continue to be faithful to worship the Lord, obey His Word, proclaim the Gospel, and be the living Church who is without spot, wrinkle, and blame.


10 Million Souls Saved

1 Million Leaders Equipped

10,000 Short- Term Missions Sent Out

1,000 Churches Planted on the Earth

100 Churches Planted in the U.S.A.

 10 Churches Planted in California

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